Does it cost anything to use Espresso Events?

Our venue finding service is free; as we have an arrangement in place with the venues we book on your behalf.

If you’d like us to help plan an event, such as a company conference or a christening celebration, we’ll put together a package based on the size & type of event & the level of assistance required.


Can Espresso Events offer better rates?

Yes. As we use venues & suppliers on a regular basis, we’re often able to negotiate better rates than an individual approaching the same venue or company directly.

Who do I pay?

In the case of smaller events such as Cocktail Masterclasses & Vintage Afternoon Tea parties, we offer an online booking service.

If it’s a larger event, such as a wedding or a corporate function, as a client, you’ll pay us our event management fee for our assistance &  you’ll pay any additional costs such as venue hire, or catering fees, directly to the company providing the relevant service.

Do we only book venues in the London area?

No. We work with venues in London & surrounding areas including parts of Kent & Surrey, however, our venue network also includes the Sussex coast & parts of Hampshire.

Can I view the venue before it’s booked?

We can make a provisional booking on your behalf  & arrange for you to visit the venue before the booking is confirmed.

How do I pay?

For most events and bookings we require a deposit, deposits are frequently required by our suppliers so we are forced to pass those on to you, the remainder of the balance is required a minimum of 7 days before the event commences, but we’ll discuss this with you as your project unfolds. Periodically there are unforeseen costs during the project such as accidental damage not covered by insurances, although this has yet to happen at any of our events, it’s wise to discuss it.

For smaller events such as cocktail classes, you can pay through our website using Paypal or a debit card & for larger events such as corporate functions & weddings, we request payment in advance by BACS. Please note we do not accept payment by cheque.

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